Referee Finance: How it works?

Easy and sweet

On its basis, Referee Finance architecture is as easy as it looks like (Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the technical implementation).

Below, everyone is able to find quick and transparent scheme description:

  1. Referee will run up its own nodes on several most popular blockchains (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Avalanche from the beginning), to watch mempool for searching pre-mined TXs that will have bigger than average price impact on shortlisted trading pairs on DEXs (1).
  2. On top of this, a system of several oracles (inbuilt in RF’ smart contracts, such as ChainLink Keepers, and external, like The Graph and/or Covalent) will track price feeds of shortlisted trading pairs, to find avg. and exact values. It needs to be implemented just with one goal — find, calculate and make the arbitrage protocol do what it should do.
  3. Referee Finance Protocol — he is a king! It works in two modes:
    Frontrun the TXs from the 1st point, and it’s trading according to the info collected from the 2nd point. It’s pure mathematics and just a piece of magic!
    We as a dev team will NOT publish its code to the public! BUT, DAO will have such a possibility, if DAO community will decide that RF Protocol’ code must be pubic, it will go public. Yeah, boys, pure DAO!
    From our point of view we are not recommending this way, because of the IP beliefs, but we are here just to build not to choose the future, future is commonweal.
  4. All the assets will be kept in the RF Vault. All is easy here: approve the vault, send EXAMPLE tokens + RFE tokens (in set proportion), get LP tokens.
    Vault will be connected to the most common and official bridges to balance the locked tokens between the networks.

To sum up, RF Protocol is an arbitrage protocol by itself, it will use mixed infrastructure (both its own and developed by the 3rd parties) and will has only one mission — do math and arbitrage.

It isn’t right to write about how huge (or not) APRs gonna be. Just from our prospective and research results, we can say only one thing, it worth it, so we decided to build it!

P.S: there are so many things we’d like to write about, and we’ll produce more short and easy to read content, about the Ultimate DAO power, about Math algorithms inside the protocol, about how the tokens will be used as a fuel for this lovely monster…

Stay tuned, and you will get more!

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Arbitrage and Farming Protocol

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Referee Finance

Referee Finance

Arbitrage and Farming Protocol

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