Referee Finance Tokenomics

It is very important to start with the 3 main points about RFE Tokenomics:
1) RFE token is used in Referee Finance Protocol as “fuel” (liquidity, adoption and motivational instrument for new community members)
2) RFE token will be used for managing Referee Finance DAO
3) RFE token is completely designed for the community members without any influent from any private parties

Distribution model

Total supply — 1B RFE tokens
80% — 800M RFE tokens are allocated for IDO, all unsold tokens will be burned🔥
10% — 100M RFE tokens are allocated as a liquidity fund (it will be used during the trading pair creation on the day 1
10% — 100M RFE tokens are allocated for the airdrop: partly during the main product launch, and during other marketing activity strategy

90% of tokens will be distributed form the day 1
It’s the only possible way to make a fair launch of the project and become an ultimate DAO

This model could smoothly engage community into the project and develop healthy DAO

RFE Token utility

  1. To use Referee Finance Farming and arbitrage protocol users have to lock in the vault EXAMPLE tokens (the token that will be arbitraged) and RFE tokens in a specific proportion depends on the voted conditions
  2. Vault creation will be managed by the DAO voting: choosing of the EXAMPLE token, arbitrage properties (risk/profit model), liquidity size, limited/unlimited participants number and so on
  3. RFE token will be used as a governance token in Referee Finance DAO
  4. 0,3% from the all extra EXAMPLE received tokens during the arbitrage will be used for automatic buying RFE tokens from the DEX
    Half of it will be burned🔥 and the rest RFE will be airdropped to the RFE holders in a special way (managed by the DAO voting, e.g.: most active holders in a specific timeframe, biggest size holders and so on

More token info will be released soon,
Stay Tuned

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Arbitrage and Farming Protocol

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Referee Finance

Referee Finance

Arbitrage and Farming Protocol

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